Here are some pics of my new 1956 Chevy Gasser!

My plans are to make a gasser style race car replica of a mid to late 60's gasser style race car.
Everything on this car will be as close to the way it would have been in the sixties.

Here's what it looked like when I picked it up.

Parked at my house.

New set of wheels and tires.

On the way to get a straight axle put on

Before the surgury

Chop, Chop and it's gone!

'49-'54 Chevy Truck Axle with re-arched springs. I re-arched the springs about 4"
The '49-'54 truck axle is used because the width is very close to stock width at about
51.5 ". I put '49-'54 car spindles on because I thought it would be easier to get disk brake kits for
these spindles, but ECI makes a kit for truck spindles of this era. New kingpins were installed also.

Sitting next to Bob's Gasser, he's the fabricator that put the front-ends on my car, his car and our
friend Lonnies car. Bob has been fabricating for many years and has worked on many old race car chassis.

Steering arm is from a '55-'57 Chevy mounted forward.

The steering boxes we use are Saginaw 525 or 122 manual boxes that are found on late 60's
to mid 80's Chevies.
The tierod you see is a temp item welded together to keep the wheels together
to get it back on the trailer and home.

We also will heat up the pitman arm and bend it down slightly to keep the tierod parallel with the axle.

Here it is with the front clip just sitting on it

Here's a side view with an old set of 14" piecrust slicks that will get
replaced with a set of new 15x8.5" piecrusts.

At Bob's garage getting the floor and rockers installed.

All tacked in and ready for me to finish weld them.

Interior stripped and ready for finish welding and the dash to be stripped

Motor in place waiting for the motor mounts to be welded in

A little patch work that needs to be done

Now it's done.

I fabbed up some seat brackets to install the fiberglass seats. These will be covered
at least partially with new seat covers. The shifter is in also.

The new inner wheelhouse in place.

The tilt frontend sitting in place.

A shot of the whole car with the flip frontend on.

The radiator is mocked up and in, just need some braces.

Braces in for the radiator.

This is a newer rebuilt 350. Future plans call for replacing most or all of the
modern lookingstuff with period correct stuff, like distributer and valve covers.
Future plans call for a 60's 327 ci or 396 ci.

New Slicks!!

Stripping the dash to get it ready for a red metalflake paintjob.

Here is the truck floor welded in

New Piecrust slicks mounted

A shot of the straight axle with the draglink parallel with the axle, which is very important
if you want to eliminate bump steer. If you use a factory type straight axle setup the caster can be
adjusted by adding a wedge shaped shim between the axles and springs. You want to have at least
10 degrees of positive caster, which means the the axle will be tilted backwards 10 degrees.
These are two of the most important things to have if you want a good handling straight axle car.

In all it's glory!!!! Decided to drop the flip fiberglass front-end as it would have taken to much
to get it looking right, so here is a pic with the sheetmetal on.

A few updated pics with the tinted glass and new wheels.

Winter plans call for a cam install and paint by spring along with an interior. Here are a few
updated pictures of the progress on the bodywork. Before I know it the warm weather will
be here and I have to be ready to cruise.

Here is a link to the primer and paint page.